Happy 4th!

Ah! The glorious long weekend! I look forward to it for weeks! I think about all the fun we will have, the sleep i will get, and the things I’ll get done around the house. Of course in my “imagined” version of the long weekend, there are no tantrums, no fighting, and definitely no baby who wakes up in the night screaming inconsolably for hours.

But all that aside, we did manage to salvage at least a portion of the weekend, and I did get to sort of sleep in on Sunday. I’ll take what I can get.

This week my dad turned 70, and we celebrated on the 4th with family and a few friends. My mom made the cake, but called in reinforcements for the decorating when the shape didn’t turn out quite as planned. Now it was just a sheet cake, and although it was a little “wavy”, it would have been fine to just frost and write “Happy Birthday” on it as planned. But she wanted to camouflage the bumps, so we decided to flag it up with some fruit and pipped frosting. 

Side note: How did this blog turn into a cake decorating forum? Oh well, it’s fun! 

So we used slices strawberries for the stripes, and blueberries for the blue banner. We wanted to get raspberries instead of strawberries (because we knew the strawberries would seep all over the cake), but they didn’t have any at the store, so I just pipped a bunch of frosting over the edges of the berries. It covered most of the leaks. 

So here you have it! The stripe spacing got a little weird, but it still tastes the same, and no one complained!  

Happy Independence Day!


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